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If you’re interested in learning BJJ then come try a FREE TRIAL at Performance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy. Our head instructor Louis Vintaloro received his black belt directly from the hands of Royler Gracie. Louis is a 3rd degree black belt and has traveled to Brazil more than 3 times to train under the best BJJ instructors in the world. Louis has been a black belt for over 12 years and has trained many other black belts in the New Jersey area.

What Are The Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

BJJ has a TON of benefits both mentally and physically. You will get fit, lose fat, gain muscle, become more flexible, faster, feel younger, and have fun! Not only that, but learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will help you improve your self esteem and confidence, as well as learn to defend yourself.

Get fit!
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a great workout. You can expect to burn anywhere between 500 and 1,000 calories each time you come to class. You will melt away that excess belly fat quicker than you ever have before, and you will also tone up and build muscle.

Fight Chronic Disease!
Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. are all very real problems today with so few people exercising and eating poor diets. Jiu Jitsu will help you keep your body and heart healthy for the long haul. If your family has a history of diabetes, being overweight, or other obesity related illnesses, BJJ will be a great form of exercise for you to help you stay healthy.

Improved Self Confidence!
There is no better way to improve your self confidence than to know you can defend yourself if confronted with a bad situation. Jiu Jitsu was created for a smaller and weaker person to be able to defend themselves and effectively subdue a much larger and stronger attacker. Not only that, but as you see your body change you will feel better about yourself and other people will take notice. This newfound confidence will follow you everywhere you go, from the classroom to the boardroom and even into your personal life. BJJ is definitely a great way to improve your life in many aspects.

Is It Safe?
Yes! It is very safe. You don’t have to worry about concussions or taking too many hits to the head in BJJ like you do in boxing or football. In BJJ there is no striking and no slams to the head. You will learn to subdue an attacker by taking them to the ground and controlling them without even getting hit, so you never have to worry about brain related illnesses later in life.

If you live in Lodi or anywhere around Bergen County, come down and check out Performance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu yourself FOR FREE. Simply fill out the FREE TRIAL form to the top right of this page and we will get you all setup, no strings attached.