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If you're interested in lessons in self-defense or Jiu-Jitsu in Little Ferry, NJ, contact Performance Jiu-Jitsu today.

Performance Jiu-Jitsu wants to help you increase your confidence and knowledge of basic safety. It is an important skill to have as a young man or woman today. Located in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, we happily teach students in surrounding areas too. We are neighboring to Little Ferry, NJ, and would love for you to join our jiu-jitsu and self-defense classes. By teaching in a safe and fun environment, we believe this will help our students achieve their goals. If you’re interested in Jiu-Jitsu in Little Ferry, NJ, then come check us out.

Classes We Can Offer You

There are so many benefits you can gain from enrolling in Jiu-Jitsu classes. Losing weight, improving your response time, gaining muscle tone, and stress relief are to name a few. No matter your age or skill level we have a class for you. Some that we offer are:

Things To Do In Little Ferry, NJ

Little Ferry, NJ is a nice little town located in Bergen County, just a short 14-minute drive from Fair Lawn, NJ. Being located just outside of New York City, there is so much to do and enjoy. Enjoy the area parks or a walk around the bird sanctuary. Nature’s scenery is beautiful here. 

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Performance Jiu-Jitsu is located in Fair Lawn, NJ, just a short drive from Little Ferry, NJ. We are honored to be able to serve in Bergen County. We would love for you to join our martial arts classes and gain knowledge in being equipped with the skills to defend yourself.  Contact us today for a free trial class!

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What would a first free class be like?

Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class starts with a light stretch and warm-up. A lesson and concept are taught with very helpful details that make it easy for anyone to understand. We then pair up and practice the techniques. New students are paired up with more experienced students to help them along. In the White Belt Beginner Martial Arts Classes at our Bergen County academy, new students only drill the techniques until they're comfortable enough to spar.

Most people are surprised by how friendly and welcoming everyone is at PJJ, making your first Bergen County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class an enjoyable experience.
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