Kids BJJ Class Near Clifton

Looking for a place where your child can learn valuable skills, gain confidence, and have fun near Clifton, NJ or the surrounding areas? Look no further than Performance Jiu Jitsu! Our kids BJJ classes provide a nurturing environment where children can learn the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while developing essential life skills.

Performance Jiu Jitsu Offers Kids BJJ Classes 

At Performance Jiu Jitsu, we understand the importance of providing quality martial arts instruction tailored to children. Our experienced instructors are passionate about teaching BJJ in a way that is both educational and enjoyable for kids of all ages and skill levels. Through structured classes, children learn discipline, respect, and self-defense techniques in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

Common Questions About Kids BJJ Classes 

Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have before signing up your child for our Kids BJJ Class. Here are some that we frequently get: 

What age range are the kids BJJ classes suitable for? 

Our kids BJJ classes are designed for children aged 5-13.

Does my child need any prior experience to join? 

No prior experience is necessary! Our classes are open to beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

What should my child wear to class? 

Comfortable clothing such as a t-shirt and shorts is recommended. We also provide BJJ uniforms (gis) for purchase.

How can I observe a class before signing up? 

We welcome parents to observe a class before enrolling their child to see our teaching style and class atmosphere.

Sign Up Your Child For Kids BJJ Classes Today

Give your child the gift of confidence, discipline, and physical fitness with our kids BJJ classes at Performance Jiu Jitsu! Sign up today and watch your child thrive both on and off the mats.

We Are Located Near Clifton, NJ 

Located just a short drive from Clifton, New Jersey, Performance Jiu Jitsu is proud to serve families in the area. Clifton, a vibrant city known for its diverse community and rich cultural heritage, is home to many families seeking quality martial arts instruction for their children.

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What would a first free class be like?

Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class starts with a light stretch and warm-up. A lesson and concept are taught with very helpful details that make it easy for anyone to understand. We then pair up and practice the techniques. New students are paired up with more experienced students to help them along. In the White Belt Beginner Martial Arts Classes at our Bergen County academy, new students only drill the techniques until they're comfortable enough to spar.

Most people are surprised by how friendly and welcoming everyone is at PJJ, making your first Bergen County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class an enjoyable experience.
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