Hershey Park

Hershey Park, also known as the Chocolate Town, is an amusement park created by Milton S. Hershey for the workers of the Hershey Chocolate Factory. Now they have opened up this attraction to guests and have exciting adventures for all ages.  

Where Is Hershey Park Located?

You can find Hershey Park at 100 Hersheypark Dr., Hershey, PA 17033. Where to park, public parking can be purchased at the main gate entrance of the parking lot. The park is open all year round with season-themed attractions, including Halloween and Christmas events. 

What To Do At Hershey Park?

Throughout your visit to the park, you can experience roller coaster rides, water rides, and fun focusing on all things chocolate. If you enjoy a thrill ride, the most popular ride on the grounds is Candymonium. It’s known for its high ascend and speed of 76 MPH. If thrill rides aren’t for you, you can enjoy other activities like family-friendly rides, bumper cars, swimming, and outdoor water park fun. 

The excitement continues beyond there. Located outside of the park is Hershey’s Chocolate factory. Here you can visit the world’s largest Hershey store to shop, create your own customized candy bar, and have a free chocolate tour of the factory with tastings and an interactive 4D movie. Once you are finished with your time through the factory, head over to the trolley for a ride through the historical town of Hershey that includes a live show, chocolate, and educational fun.

Other Things To Do Nearby

After you have spent the day at the park, you may have worked up an appetite. Located within minutes of Hershey Park are several restaurants. Visit Houlihans for American food, Smoked Bar & Grill for casual bbq, or The Chocolate Avenue Grill for great food and indoor or outdoor dining choices. 

How To Get To Hershey Park From Performance Jiu Jitsu

Once you complete a great week of workouts with Performance Jiu Jitsu, you can head to Hershey Park for a week or weekend-long trip filled with fun and relaxation. Follow the directions below to get from Performance Jiu Jitsu to Hershey Park. Click here to visit another attraction.

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