Paterson Museum

The Paterson Museum is a great place for people of all ages to learn about the local history.  This location is owned and operated by the city of Paterson and was originally organized in 1925. This city has been the birthplace of many inventors, giving Paterson a rich history to explore. 

Where Is The Paterson Museum Located?

The Paterson Museum is located just off the interstate, near the heart of Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park. Being at 2 Market St, Paterson, NJ, you can get a glimpse at the rich history of this beautiful coastal town. There is no admission fee to enter the museum, however donations are gladly accepted. 

What To Do At The Museum?

While some of the exhibits rotate, some remain permanent. The Paquapick exhibit displays the archaeological finds from the local area. Learn about the expedition of the Paleo-Indians through Alaska as they migrated to North America from Asia. You can also learn about the history of the machine shops of Paterson, as they employed the finest men to build machines that powered trains and other machines for hundreds of years.  In addition to those, you can view the Fire Fighting Collection and Patent Medicines and Nursing. For the younger visitors, the Lou Costello Playhouse is available for them to get hands-on and explore. 

Other Things To Do Nearby

The city of Paterson holds many hidden wonders, including the Great Falls. The National Historical Park of Paterson offers many trails to explore nature and get a glimpse of the falls. If you’re interested in looking over the falls, there is a trail that leads over the falls walking bridge. Lambert Castle is one of the oldest buildings in the area. The Lambert Castle was previously used as a Tuberculosis Hospital and is now a preserved building that offers tours. 

How To Get To The Museum From Performance Jiu Jitsu

To get to Performance Jiu Jitsu, you can easily get to the Paterson Museum. Just off the interstate, the museum is only moments away from Performance Jiu Jitsu, at 23 S Broadway #4, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410. Click here to visit another attraction.

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