Kids BJJ Class Near Elmwood Park, NJ

A special combination of mental and physical effort is offered by jiu-jitsu training. BJJ is undoubtedly a unique sport growing in popularity for people of all ages. When introduced to the sport, kids of all ages quickly fall in love with it. And here at Performance Jiu Jitsu, we offer a free trial class! Get your child involved in something that will benefit them throughout their entire life.

We Offer Kids BJJ Classes Near You

Kids BJJ Class Near Elmwood Park, NJ

Our children’s lessons are made specifically to meet your child’s needs. We offer an ideal instructional program whether your child has never taken martial arts courses or has already acquired an assortment of belt colors. We allow children ages 5-13 to learn in a secure, ego-free family setting. Elmwood Park’s Performance Jiu Jitsu is the top school for studying “gentle art.” 

We Serve The Area Of Elmwood Park NJ

We love serving the area of Elmwood and the nearby community. Elmwood Park, a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey, is a bedroom community 14 miles from New York City. The borough reported 21,422 residents as of the 2020 United States Census. With a dense suburban feel, Elmwood Park offers residents plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks to enjoy. 

Performance Jiu Jitsu is proud to provide martial arts and BJJ classes to the children of Elmwood Park and many surrounding areas, including Dumont, Bergenfield, and others. Our classes are designed to get your child excited about fitness and set them up with the necessary skills and goals to help them live full and successful lives. To schedule your child’s free trial class, contact us today. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Kids BJJ Classes

As a parent, you may have more than a few questions about any programs your child joins and what you might expect. Below we have answered a few of our most commonly received questions. 

Can A Child Safely Learn BJJ?

Because Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling-based martial art, kids are taught how to protect themselves without using punches or kicks, making the class even safer for your child. Children can also learn various life lessons from BJJ, including discipline, respect, friendship, and work ethic. 

Does BJJ Teach Discipline?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches discipline through a controlled learning environment and the need for constant practice to advance. Respect for teachers and other students and adherence to the dojo’s regulations and schedule are among the lessons that pupils acquire.

Can BJJ Help My Child Be More Confident?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can improve and strengthen a child’s self-confidence by developing new abilities, accomplishing individual goals, and triumphing over challenges. Children’s confidence often increases as they advance in their lessons, obtain new belts, and observe how their abilities evolve in the gym or during competitions. 

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Ready to sign your little one up for our free Kids BJJ trial class? Please contact us today, and we will gladly assist you with scheduling your child’s first class. With years of experience teaching children of all ages the “gentle art,” our Professor Vintaloro will make a lasting impression and become a favorite among your child’s teachers.

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What would a first free class be like?

Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class starts with a light stretch and warm-up. A lesson and concept are taught with very helpful details that make it easy for anyone to understand. We then pair up and practice the techniques. New students are paired up with more experienced students to help them along. In the White Belt Beginner Martial Arts Classes at our Bergen County academy, new students only drill the techniques until they're comfortable enough to spar.

Most people are surprised by how friendly and welcoming everyone is at PJJ, making your first Bergen County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class an enjoyable experience.
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