Bronx Zoo

Are you interested in taking your kids somewhere this summer that would be fun and educational? The Bronx Zoo is a great place to come with over 265 acres of beauty. 

Where Is the Bronx Zoo Located?

Situated along the Bronx River, the Bronx Zoo is located at 2300 Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY 10460. Visitors enjoy easy access from the interstate, and locals are within walking distance from shops, restaurants, and a public park. The Bronx Zoo is central to the surrounding area, providing a lively display of nature and wildlife. Can’t make the trip? Enjoy the exhibits from the comfort of home. The Bronx Zoo offers a virtual zoo experience featuring live cameras, so you can watch wildlife in action and interact with zookeepers.

What To Do At The Bronx Zoo

From exhibits to rides and everything in between, the Bronx Zoo offers a wonderful experience for all ages. A trolley takes visitors through 265 acres of zoo, where memories can be made. If you’re looking for action, the Bronx Zoo offers close-up wildlife encounters, a ropes course, and a zipline over the river. For the adventurous type, Quest Stations and a nature trek challenge both the mind and body. Visitors can relax and enjoy watching animal feedings, or spend time in the butterfly garden. A monorail takes visitors through the Asian wilderness. The Bronx Zoo has a children’s zoo and bug carousel for kid-friendly options.

Other Things To Do Near the Bronx Zoo

Dine at the Dancing Crane Café or check out seasonal cafes and food stands sprinkled throughout the zoo grounds. If you plan an extended visit or want to explore the Bronx area when you’re not busy enjoying the offerings of the Bronx Zoo, there are great places to treat yourself. ATMs are available just outside the zoo if you need cash for some fun. Stop by for a donut and cup of coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts, or grab some fresh pastries at Home Fresh Bakery. Ray’s Deli & Grill is the place for a casual bite to eat; if sweets are your thing, swing by The Little Cupcake Pastry Shop. In the mood for pizza, tacos, or ethnic cuisine? Visit John & Joe’s Pizzeria, Tacos El Bronco 2, or Istanbul Cafe. The possibilities are endless.

How To Get To The Bronx Zoo From The Residence Inn & Yankee Stadium

Check out the Bronx Zoo near the Performance Jiu Jitsu office. It’s a great place to take the kids after you had a fun class at Performance. Check out another one of our attractions by clicking the link here

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